People’s Choice Award



Many people often say that eyes are the window to the soul. This conviction was the driving force for me to follow realism portraiture. Without any words or speech, a person’s face is what engages people the most, with expressions of many emotions. As Anh Do put it, ‘I paint portraits because I’m interested by people, their dreams, desires, regrets, their sadness’.
When beginning to select a reference for own portraiture work, actor Chadwick Boseman had recently passed away from cancer at the age of 43 and shook not only the entertainment industry but the entire world. Boseman’s work had been an inspiration for so many people of colour and was a symbol for equality and representation, especially with ‘BLM’. With tributes pouring in, one resonated with me, a cast member stated that people could always read Boseman’s performance within his eyes. 
Having this piece along with so many unique and creative pieces from the ACC schools is an incredible experience for the talents of these students to be shared and appreciated with the wider community, something which I hope continues with more opportunities. I’m very appreciative of the recognition with the artwork being selected as the People’s Choice Award and I hope that everyone takes away a different meaning when they look into his eyes in the artwork and reflect on the lasting touch Chadwick Boseman still holds today.
Emmett McCann
De La Salle College
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