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Congratulations to Zane Greenham of St Mary’s College on winning the logo design competition for the 2021 ACC Art & Technology Exhibition. The competition was held during Term 3 2019 and was open to students from all of our member schools, with entries short listed for the consideration of the ACC Arts Committee. After much deliberation, Zane’s entry was selected as the best design and will therefore feature in all promotional activities for this year’s event. Zane will be presented with his award at the event launch on May 19th, 2021.

Some background details about the winning logo design have been provided by Zane:

“To create my logo design, I started my design process by researching previous winners.  The 2015 logo was constructed with an emphasis on colour and the 2017 one focussed on the design element shape. I wanted to combine these two design elements and also introduce line and repetition in a balanced and contemporary design. For me the three elements are commonly used or repeated in design and in my design the shapes and colours also have a positive connotation.

I enjoy the processes involved in design and love the idea of seeing my designs used in a real context. For my work experience this year I completed a work placement in graphic design with Studio RAMP. The experience helped me realise that the steps and processes involved in designing are more detailed and rigorous than just creating a single image. It made me more confident in developing my own ideas in the classroom context and I understood that I needed to approach the ACC logo design in the same way. Throughout my design process I experimented with different fonts, placement of colours, line thickness and a range of possible options before refining my concepts and making adjustments in relation to feedback. My final design was created in Adobe Illustrator using both the compound path tool and the clipping mask tool”.

Zane Greenham
St Mary’s College

Further information about Zane’s entry were provided by Raoul Chapman, Learning Leader, VAPA, St Mary’s College:

“As the VCD teacher and Learning  Leader of Visual and Performing Arts at St Mary’s College I am aiming to develop the Arts area and encourage student participation and interest in design through incorporating authentic tasks in to the curriculum. I believe that students respond well to  real design scenarios and are  motivated by the opportunity to build up a folio of designs that can potentially see their work displayed in a real context.  

With the ACC Design and Technology logo task I  guided the students through the design process and introduced them to  various factors that contribute to a successful logo. We researched previous logos that had been selected and analysed their use of design elements and principles and overall effectiveness in representing the ACC Art and Technology exhibition. Following this we discussed ways that we could build on these ideas by exploring the elements and principles of design. This process began with hand drawing and then moved to digital design. Students worked in small groups to bounce ideas off each other and this facilitated independent learning. Zane’s design stood out as being an original and creative response to the brief”.

Congratulations once again to Zane and to St Mary’s College.

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