Lawn Bowls

2018 Event Information Package

Conditions of Play

Format & Event times

  • Competition will be two bowl triples format.
  • Teams from between 3-5 (with three on the green and allowing for a maximum of 2 substitutions)
  • Per Game: Play five ends or maximum time limit per game of 40 minutes (whichever comes first).
  • To start a match, the team who wins the toss can place the mat along the centerline and roll the jack. The jack must be centered.
  • The team, who wins the end, has control of the mat for the next end.
  • Players will receive a five minute warning before the end of time and a bell will sound to signal the end of the match.
  • The end in progress must be completed. A new end cannot be started after the ringing of the bell. A new end is deemed to be started if the jack has been rolled.
  • If the jack goes into the ditch, it’s re-spotted on the ‘T’ at the back, 2 meters from the ditch.
  • Scoring will be recorded by ends & shots won at each of the five ends. (Which will also be counted back in the event of a tie between two teams at the conclusion of Round 3)
  • If two teams have the same amount of ladder points at the conclusion of round 3, the shot differential will be the deciding factor. If this figure is the same, the tiebreaker will be amount of shots for. If these numbers are the same, a coin toss will occur.
  • Include: Power Plays & Substitutions (below).
  • All other rules will be in accordance with Bowls Australia rules for competition. 

Power Plays

  • Each team will have the ability to use one power play each match.
  • The power play entitles a team to double their shots if they win that end.
  • To use the power play, one team member should indicate they are using the power play by holding up the ‘Power play’ sign.
  • If a team plays their power play and loses the end, no double shots are scored.
  • A team cannot double their points when the opposition plays their power play.
  • The power play must be called at the start of the end, before the jack is rolled.
  • A team cannot play the power play on the final end of the match. i.e. 5th End
  • Once a power play has been called, and the jack rolled, they cannot cancel or take back that power play.


  • Teams have the ability to substitute players to ensure everyone has the opportunity to participate.
  • Substitutions can be made at the end of each end.
  • Substitutions cannot be made after the jack is rolled to start the end, for the remainder of that end.
  • Teams should notify the opposition that they are making a sub.


The Venue will provide one leading referee who will be in charge of the ACC Bowls Tournament and any decisions that need to be made.


At the conclusion of the final game, all coaches, players, spectators and staff are encouraged to stay for a 5-10 minute presentation of the ACC Bowls Championship Awards including trophy.

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