ACC Formation

The Associated Catholic Colleges came into being in June, 1948. The founding members were seven Brothers’ Colleges of Melbourne: CBC Parade, CBC St Kilda, CBC North Melbourne, CBC Essendon, CBC Toorak, De La Salle Malvern and St Bede’s Mentone. The first president, Br. Peter, Principal of De La Salle College Malvern, presented the Premiership Cup for football to Parade College, the winner of the first official ACC competition.

The new association, restricted to city and suburban Catholic colleges, proposed to offer its members cultural and sporting activities. It also provided Principals with an opportunity to discuss matters affecting the affiliated colleges. Cultural activities among ACC Colleges were never really developed. The sporting activities, however, from the original football, cricket and swimming, came to include athletics, cross-country, hockey, soccer, tennis and basketball. From time to time other sports, such as handball, have been played.

The general management of the association is placed in the hands of the Principals who meet at least three times a year. The practical organisation of ACC sport competitions is the responsibility of the Sporting Activities Committee, which groups the Sports Co-ordinators of the member colleges under the chairmanship of one of the Principals. A secretary and an assistant secretary, appointed by the Principals, plan and co-ordinate the business of the Sporting Activities Committee.

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