1. The game is to be played according to FIVB rules but with the following amendments.



2.1 The game is to be played over three fixed sets (11/3/16).

2.2 The sets shall be played to 25 rally scoring points with a minimum lead of 2 points (ie. 26/24,27/25,…).

2.3 The Scoring system for ladders is as follows:

Win 4
*Forfeit/Bye 4
Loss 0

2.4  Semi finals and grand finals for Years 9, 10 and Senior matches shall be held as “Best of 5 sets”. The 5th set (should it be required), shall be to 15 rally scoring points with a minimum lead of 2 points (2/2/17).



3.1 Teams may name up to a maximum of 12 players with six field players at any one time.

3.2 Whilst it is preferable for teams to field the correct number of field players which is 6, games may go ahead with five field players providing that service rotation is adhered to. If a team has four or less players that team will record a forfeit loss result.

3.3 Players not entered correctly on the score sheet at the start of play may not take the court.



4.1 Colleges must make every effort to field B teams. If for any reason B teams cannot be fielded by a College, the Executive Officer and the opposing College must be notified at least 24 hours prior to the proposed fixture.

4.2 In order to allow maximum participation, A teams shall play first followed by B team fixtures. Players may only play in one game per day and therefore may not play in both A and B matches.



5.1 Any part of the body may contact the ball, including kicking the ball.

5.2 In the first hit of a side’s three hits, contact with the ball is given far greater latitude. Multiple contact by the first player is allowed if it was not deliberate e.g the ball cannons off the arms and into the face.

5.3 If when serving, the ball touches the net and passes to the opposite side, the let service is deemed as being in play and play may continue.

5.4   A player interferes with play by (amongst others):

  • touching the net between the antennae or the antenna itself during his/her action of playing the ball,
  • using the net between the antennae as a support or stabilizing aid
  • creating an unfair advantage over the opponent by touching the net
  • making actions which hinder an opponent’s legitimate attempt to play the ball,
  • catching/ holding on to the net Any player close to the ball as it is played, and who is him/herself trying to play it, is considered in the action of playing the ball, even if no contact is made with it.

However, touching the net outside the antenna is not to be considered a fault.


Within the playing area, a player is not permitted to take support from a team-mate or any structure/object in order to hit the ball.

However, a player who is about to commit a fault (touch the net or cross the centre line, etc.) may be stopped or held back by a team-mate.


Referees for all year levels shall be appointed by the Executive Officer in conjunction with the nominated service provider. The service provider shall appoint referees as per the ACC schedule and arrange referee payments, with the Executive Officer invoicing the competing schools to cover the relevant costs. The service provider shall ensure that the appointed referees have undergone an induction process and that they are compliant with the Victorian Government legislation for Child Safety.

6.1 The Referee shall send off any player who displays behaviour that is deemed unsatisfactory. This includes (but is not limited to) swearing, disputing the Referee’s decision, and any uncooperative or disruptive behaviour.   The Referee must show a YELLOW CARD, signalling that the player is to be sent off for 15 minutes of playing time.  If a player is sent off for a yellow card, an interchange player from the same team shall replace him immediately.  Upon the same player being sent off with a yellow card for a second time in the same game, he shall be reported (red card) and shall remain off the court for the entire game and MUST NOT BE REPLACED.  The Referee is responsible for estimating when the 15 minutes have elapsed. (5/6/09)

6.2  For reportable indiscretions (red card), the Referee shall report the offending player who is to be sent off for the remainder of the game and MUST NOT BE REPLACED. The Referee must show a RED CARD, signalling that the player is reported and is not to be replaced. In these instances the Referee must complete the ACC Referee Report form regarding the incident. The Referee’s Report must be forwarded to the appropriate Director of Sport who shall forward details of any such report to the Principal at the school of the player concerned and to the ACC Executive Officer. (5/6/09)



7.1 In years 7 and 8 coaches may choose either orthodox or unorthodox substitution. The coach cannot use a combination of the two.

7.2 Orthodox Method. The substitution of players only occurs when the ball is dead. The two players involved in the substitution are then linked for the set. The substituted player is only allowed to take the court when his linked player (currently on court) goes to the bench, i.e. the original substitution is reversed. A third player can also be linked to the pair if he is on the bench waiting and has not previously been on court in another position. This would mean that if the third player takes the court position the other two linked players have to be on the bench.

7.3 Unorthodox method. The coach may choose to rotate players when they come to serve i.e. as the team rotates, the player who was about to serve goes to the bench and another player comes from the bench to serve.

7.4 For Years 9 and above the orthodox method of substitution must be used.


8. Equipment: The match ball is to be supplied by the host school. A suitable indoor court with correct markings and net should be supplied by the home team.


9. Height of Net: The height of the net shall be 2.35m for Senior and Year 10, 2.24m for Year 9 and 8, and 2.15m for Year 7.


10. If 50% or more of the matches for any draw are adversely affected by weather (heat rule) and are considered drawn, then ALL matches in that fixture shall be drawn regardless of any result achieved. All teams shall receive full match points on rounds affected by weather. (16/03/18)