The Tournament shall be conducted under the rules specified by Tennis Victoria but with the following amendments:

1.1 Each rubber is to consist of 8 singles and 4 doubles matches.

1.2 Each team may name up to 16 players for its team to maximise participation.

1.3 At the discretion of the home coach, doubles matches may be played before singles. (22/11/04)

1.4 The minimum number of players that constitutes a team shall be 4 players. In each rubber, a player can only play one singles match and one doubles match. Any matches unable to be played due to insufficent numbers shall be forfeited and awarded to the other team. In Year 9, 10 and Senior matches, each forfeit match score shall be 8-0. In Year 7 and 8 matches, each forfeit score shall be 6-0. (30/8/13)


2.1 The home school will arrange the booking of courts and the provision of approved Tennis Australia tennis balls.

2.2 Two new balls per singles are supplied for the first match on each court used. (25/11/02)


3.1 Teams for each rubber must be declared before play commences for that rubber and the names of the players entered on the score cards. Therefore singles players will be seeded 1 to 8 and doubles combinations seeded I to 4. Doubles’ seedings are independent of singles’ seedings.

3.2 All players must play against their equivalent seeds in both singles and doubles matches.

3.3 All teams shall have reserve players so that if one of their members is injured he may be replaced (but not during a match) and all seeds move up one place in the team except in doubles where the reserve player can replace the injured player in his seed.


4.1 For Years 9, 10 and Seniors, singles and doubles matches are to be played to one 8 game set.

4.2 For Years 7 and 8, singles and doubles matches are to be played to one 6 game set.

4.3 If a match reaches 8-8 in Years 9, 10 or Seniors, or 6-6 in Years 7 and 8 a tie breaker will be used to determine the winner.


5.1 The winner of the rubber is determined by the highest number of sets won; if equal, by the highest number of games. If two teams in one rubber are equal on sets and games, the rubber is a tie.

5.2 Points for ladder shall be determined as follows: 4 pts for win, 2 pts for draw (including wet weather cancellation), 4 pts for bye, 4 pts and score of 8/0 for forfeit. Ladder percentage is from sets won/played and if teams are equal games won/played. (11/10/04)

5.3 The results of each match are to be forwarded to the scorer. Each school shall provide one scorer.


6.1 Wet Weather. If adverse weather conditions causes the abandonment of play, a school is awarded the rubber if it has attained an unbeatable lead (i.e. 7 out of 12 matches won).

6.2 If 50% or more of the matches for any draw are adversely affected by weather and are considered drawn, the ALL matches in that fixture shall be drawn regardless of any result achieved. All teams shall receive full match points on rounds affected by weather. Any match that has scores recorded shall have those scores count towards ladder points and percentage. (16/03/18)

6.3 Both coaches must agree on the unsuitability of the courts, either before play commences or during play.

6.4 If play is disrupted by wet weather, no more than 30 minutes is allowed for the courts to become suitable for use. If 30 minutes elapses without play, the rubber is abandoned.


7.1 If a team experiences difficulty with the interpretation or implementation of the rules then this should be brought to the attention of both colleges coaches who shall confer and watch the match in progress to ensure rules are implemented fairly.

7.2 If a school does not abide by the above rules, it will forfeit all points obtained in the infringed rubber.