Table Tennis

1. The rules of Table Tennis Victoria will apply to ACC competition but with the following amendments.


2. Each rubber is to consist of 10 singles and 5 doubles matches of 5 fixed games played to 11 points with a maximum lead of two points to win the game (eg 11-9, 12-10 13-11). Players must complete all five games for each match.


3. Each team may name up to 20 players for its team to maximise participation.


4. Each team must supply six new 40 ml table tennis balls for each rubber enabling each game to begin with a new ball.


5. Teams for each rubber must be declared before play commences for that rubber and the names of players entered on the score cards. Thus singles players will be seeded 1 to 10 and doubles combinations seeded 1 to 5. NB. Doubles seedings are independent of singles seedings.


6. All players must play against their relevant seeds in both singles and doubles matches.


7. All teams shall have reserve players so that if one of their members is injured he may be replaced (but not during a match) and all seeds move up one place in the team except in doubles where the reserve player can replace the injured player in his seed.


8. The winner of the rubber is determined by the highest number of matches won. Number of games won for each team are to be recorded to assist with determining ladder rankings.


9. Points for ladders shall be determined as follows: 4 pts for win, 4 pts for bye, 4 pts and score of 10/0 for forfeit. Ladder percentage is from matches won/played and if teams are equal sets won/played. (11/10/04)


10. Games are umpired by the reserves of the schools competing. The results of each match are to be forwarded to the scorer. Each team will provide one scorer.


11. Correct service technique should be taught to all players prior to the season. ie Ball toss from flat palm of hand with the ball being struck on downward phase behind service line.