The competition shall be conducted under the rules specified by Football Federation Victoria, but with the following amendments.


1. The accredited adult referee will be appointed by the Home College and will have complete control of the game. He/she will be paid a fee as indicated in the attached Schedule 7 by the coach of the ’Home Team’ at the end of the match.



2.1 The referee must deem the pitch to be in a playable state before the game can proceed. (25/11/02)

2.2 If the game is abandoned due to the condition of the ground, the match shall be deemed drawn.(18/11/11)

2.3 In the event of “no game” being called, the referee receives a reduced payment or expenses, as indicated in the attached Schedule 7.

2.4 If a ground is not available for play, or the pitch is deemed unsuitable for play (see 2.1), then both teams shall be allocated one point as per a drawn game.(18/11/11)

2.5 If the home side is unable to supply a ground then it is the prerogative of the visiting side to provide the ground prior to the fixture so that the Fixture can be met. If no satisfactory arrangement is made the match shall be awarded to the visiting side.


3. The finalists shall be decided on points and goal difference. The following points shall be awarded for each match:-

Win 3
*Forfeit/Bye 3
Draw 1
Loss 0


4. The coach of each team will fill in a team sheet and give a copy to the referee and opposing coach before the start of the game.


5.1 At Year 9, 10 and Senior, a team shall not be permitted to use more than five interchange players in any match including a substitute goal-keeper. (28/5/10)

5.2 At Yr 7 & 8, team numbers are unlimited provided that only eleven players are on the field at any one time. The names of all players are to be recorded on a team sheet before the match to notify the opposing coach of the number of players to be used. (11/10/04)

5.3 If a team is found to have more than 11 players on the soccer pitch the score of the offending team shall be forfeited, the team red carded and only 10 players will be allowed to remain on the pitch for the remainder of the game.(24/11/03).


5.4 Modified rules for Year 7 Division 2 and Year 8 Division 2 competitions.

                The winning margin will be limited to 5 goals. Once the match is completed, the losing team’s score will stand, but the winning team’s score will be no more than 5 goals above that amount. For example, if one school has a final score of 1 goal and their opposition has a final score of 9 goals, then the result will be recorded as 1 goal to 6. Both coaches will need to agree on the reduced score before signing both score sheets.

6. Coaches must record the name and number of any player sent-off or reported during a match and provide same to the Referee to assist in the compilation of his report at the end of the match. Incident reports must also be submitted to your College Director of Sport who, if he judges the incident has brought the ACC into disrepute, must pass same onto the Executive Officer within three days of the fixture.

6.1   The Referee shall send off any player who displays behaviour that is deemed unsatisfactory. This includes (but is not limited to) swearing, disputing the Referee’s decision, and any uncooperative or disruptive behaviour.   The Referee must show a YELLOW CARD, signalling that the player is to be sent off for 15 minutes of playing time.  If a player is sent off for a yellow card, an interchange player from the same team shall replace him immediately.  Upon the same player being sent off with a yellow card for a second time in the same game, he shall be reported (red card) and shall remain off the field for the entire game and MUST NOT BE REPLACED.  The Referee is responsible for estimating when the 15 minutes have elapsed.  (24/11/08)

6.2   For reportable indiscretions (red card), the Referee shall report the offending player who is to be sent off for the remainder of the game and MUST NOT BE REPLACED. The Referee must show a RED CARD, signalling that the player is reported and is not to be replaced. In these instances the Referee must complete the ACC Referee Report form regarding the incident. The Referee’s Report must be forwarded to the appropriate Director of Sport who shall forward details of any such report to the Principal at the school of the player concerned and to the ACC Executive Officer. It is strongly recommended to the Principal that a player who is red carded is ineligible to compete in the following round of fixtured sport. (24/11/08)


7. The Home Team shall supply:

7.1 Two regulation size leather soccer balls. Seniors shall use a new ball.

7.2 Two goal nets fitted well back so as not to impede the goalkeeper’s movements inside the goalline.

7.3 Four corner flags on posts not less than 5 feet high and having a non-pointed top.


8. Each team shall supply one assistant referee (linesman) suitably attired.


9. The duration of the game shall be two equal periods of 45 minutes for Senior matches. Year 9 & 10 matches are to be played with two 35 minute halves, and Year 7 & 8 matches with two 30 minute halves.



In the event of a tie in finals, two halves of 10 minutes is to be played with the golden goal advantage. If still a tie after extra time then five penalty kicks will decide the winner.