Service Awards

In 2016, the Association instigated a new award – “Recognition of Service Award”. This award is presented to an individual that has made a significant and long standing contribution to the Association through sport or cultural activities. The Recognition of Service Award is an acknowledgement and appreciation of continuing and substantial involvement in ACC activities over an extended period. To qualify the nominee needs to have met the following service criteria:

  1. Currently be either of the following:
    – employed by an ACC member school
    – an employee of the ACC
    – engaged or contracted by a member school or the ACC office as an official, coach or support personnel at an ACC event or activity.
  2. Have been a key contributor to the delivery or support of a major ACC event or activity for 10 years or more. Note: Service years can be cumulative across more than one member school.
  3. Demonstrated active support of the ACC motto “Excellence, Honour and Fairness in student activities” as well as the ethos of Catholic Education.


(Year in brackets denotes the year in which the recipient was recognised for their service)


Cavolo, Edy
Cricket, Football, Hockey, Soccer, Tennis 1997-present

Kaufman, Pat
Athletics, Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Handball, Swimming 1984-present

O’Meara, David
Director of Music (Samaritan 2000-2008, CBC St Kilda 2009-present) ACC Battle of the Bands organiser


Barns, Gerard
Cricket, Football, Hockey, Athletics

Evans, Larry
Chess coach over 20 years

Frost, Cindy
Director of Music, ACC Music Workshops, ACC Concerts 2002-present

Murrell, Andrew
Drama Workshops over 10 years

Rhoden, Marty
Cricket 2007-present


Puglisi, Carmelo
Director of Music (St Bede’s 1998-2002, St Bernard’s 2003-2015, Emmanuel 2016-present), ACC Music Workshops, ACC Concert Production Team


Leutchford, Doug
Director of Music, ACC Music Workshops, ACC Concert Production Team 1997-present

Moore, Joe
Volleyball coach for over 250 teams 1987-present

Riley, Peter
Cricket, Football, Table Tennis 1992-present


Macaulay, Martin
Director of Music 1997-present, ACC Music Workshops, ACC Concert Production Team

Fahey, Paul
Director of Sport (1994-2003) Athletics, Cricket, Cross Country, Football, Swimming, Table Tennis 1987-present

Kenda, Oscar
Athletics, Hockey, Soccer, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball 1997-present

Seckold, Craig
Director of Sport (2004-2016) Athletics, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Hockey, Soccer, Table Tennis, Tennis, Volleyball 1996-present


Barcellona, Melina
Football, Table Tennis, Tennis 1987-present

Beckham, Steven
Athletics (management of officials at ACC events) 1999-present

Cox, Tim
Involved in coaching multiple sports 1999-present

Egan, Carl
Coached multiple sports, Director of Sport for 16 years, Involvement in various ACC sporting sub-committees


Bourke, Brian
Football 1980-present

Cracknell, David
Hockey 1987-2016

Heatley, Julie
Swimming 2004-2016

Lalor, Owen
Football & Cricket 1999-present

Murphy, Christopher
Athletics & Cross Country 1984-present (CBC St Kilda & St Bede’s)

Naughton, Michael
Director of Sport (De La Salle 1991-1997, St Bede’s 2012-present), Involved in coaching multiple sports, Organiser of ACC Championship events (Swimming 1993-1994 and Athletics 1996-1999)

Rafferty, Kevin
Athletics, Cricket, Cross Country, Football, Hockey, Volleyball at Salesian and St Bede’s

Russo, Paul
Tennis, 1990-2013


Brown, Gerard
Athletics & Cross Country

Kirkwood, Bernadette
1st XV111 Football Trainer, Swimming, Tennis, Sports Co-ordinator


Breheny, David
Cricket, Cross Country, Football, Swimming 1997-present

Dawson, Shane
Football Trainer 1999-2017, ICT Manager for Athletics (2005-2014), ICT Manager for Cross Country (2007-2013) ICT Manager for Swimming (2008-2014) 1998-2017


Bird, Brad
Basketball, Football, Athletics

Ciardulli, Peter
Head of Sport 1998-2010, Football, Cricket, Hockey, Athletics

Cotter, Shane
Swimming, Tennis, Football, Cross Country

Dalrymple, Andy
Golf, Cricket, Football

Popischil, Frank
Soccer, Hockey, Tennis, Cricket

Rennie, Peter
Hockey, Football, Cricket, Volleyball


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