General Carnival Rules


1.1 For Athletics, Swimming and Cross Country, Colleges will compete for points in their own Divisions. A Division Two College cannot win a Division One Aggregate Award.



2.1 Age groupings for swimming, athletics and cross country shall be taken from 1st January of the current year. eg. To be eligible for the Under 14 category a student will turn 14 years of age during the year. The age limit for Open competition shall be under 19 before 1st January of the current year.

2.2 Primary School students from ACC Colleges may participate in any Carnival subject to clearance by ACC Executive Officer. (15/4/02)



3.1 In Swimming, Athletics and Cross Country, a representative must compete in his own age group or an age group above determined by his date of birth, except in an event which is not provided for in that age group, in which case he may compete in that particular event in the next higher age group, which offers it. (11/10/04)

3.2 Should a school wish to place a student in an age group higher than for which he is eligible, that student must remain in that age group for that particular carnival (11/10/04)



Protests regarding events shall be in writing and given to the Executive Officer or the appointed Event Manager within fifteen minutes of the result of the disputed event. The committee to deal with any protest (WITH THE EXCEPTION OF SWIMMING refer Swimming Rule No 11), shall be comprised of no less than four Director of Sports excluding the two Directors of Sport involved in the protest. The Protest committee shall seek advice from relevant officials concerning the protest but will make the final decision. The decision of this protest committee shall be final with the presiding Executive Officer having a casting vote in the case of equal voting.



Should an urgent situation that suggests the need to change the date of a carnival become known to a Director of Sport or Principal in the final 48 hours before its scheduled commencement, the Executive Officer shall be notified immediately; and he will notify the President, who will consult, as far as possible, with the Principal of each participating College and resolve the matter as early as possible. If the date of a Carnival has to be changed, the new date must be mutually agreed to by the Principals of all competing schools.



Each College shall see that its competitors are attired in the appropriate athletic uniform.



For the swimming and athletics carnivals, the Principal’s Executive will be rostered on to oversee the effective management of spectators and cheer squads for all schools. Each school will be asked to nominate a member of staff as the designated contact person that the Executive can approach in response to concerns. Concerns raised by members of the Executive will be assessed with, and actioned if necessary, by the staff member from that particular school. Each school is to supply the Executive Officer with the contact name and mobile phone number of the staff member in charge of their Cheer Squad. The Executive Officer will then supply that contact list to the Executive for each event. (23/4/07)

7.1 For Swimming and Athletics, seats for spectators shall be allocated to each school on a basis of equal numbers for each competing school.

7.2 ACC Colleges will ensure active and adequate supervision of cheer squads and spectators. Offensive barracking and derogatory language or gestures are to be avoided at all times.

7.3 Throwing food or any other objects is not acceptable and College staff are expected to take appropriate action if such acts are witnessed.

7.4 Spectators and cheer squads are not permitted to have loud hailers, whistles, drums, trumpets or any other musical instruments at the carnivals.

7.5 Floggers and streamers are not permitted at any time during the carnivals.

7.6 Schools must ensure that their cheer squads do not act in bad taste. Bare torsos and students dressed in ‘drag’ will not be tolerated.

7.7 Spectators and cheer squads must remain in their allocated position for the duration of the carnival and it is not acceptable for members of College Cheer Squads to encroach on, or perform antics in, other College areas.

7.8 Strict silence at the start of each event is essential. War cries should only be given at the conclusion of an event. Courtesy should be shown at all times during announcements, especially for the presentations of trophies.

7.9 Whilst recognising the right of each member college to make its own decisions regarding appropriate dress standards for its students at ACC sporting activities, the Association urges that distinctive clothing appropriate to each college be worn.

7.10 Each school is to take responsibility for the cleanliness of their area. Students should be asked to clean up their areas prior to leaving.

7.11 Each school is responsible for the behaviour of their students. Please ensure these rules are rigorously policed.

7.12 Each College shall ensure student spectators and staff remain for final presentations.

7.13 After finalisation of results, no students are to enter the pool or venue presentation area.



For Swimming and Athletics, the Executive Officer will ensure that allocated seating positions for Schools are rotated at least three positions in a clockwise direction each year.



The “Most Improved Award” is awarded to the school with an enrolment under 1000 students based on the difference in average point score over the preceding three years and the points achieved at the current year’s event. The school with the greatest increase is to be presented with a banner at the conclusion of the carnival.