1. The competition is open for all ACC schools for participation. It is aimed at students from Years 9 – 11, particularly those who study food at school in Food Technology / Hospitality.
  2. Each school may register one team of four students that will be working together on a single bench.
  3. The ACC entry form must be completed using the online link below:


  1. Each school team will produce four plates of a main course item using TWO fresh whole chickens which will be provided by Holmesglen. All other ingredients shall be supplied by the school.
  2. All tools and equipment will be made available for teams to produce their finished products.
  3. The event will commence at 9:00am and conclude at approximately 1:00pm.
  4. All competition work, food and dishes, must comply with current health regulations. You are advised to bring your perishable ingredients in a cooler and any small equipment in a tub for safe and easy transportation and removal.
  5. No ACC staff members will be allowed into the kitchen areas. The Zest Restaurant will be available for staff for the duration of the event.
  6. All electrical equipment brought into the competition must be tagged by a certified electrician. Non complying equipment will not be permitted.
  7. Time allocation:
    15 minutes setting up
    90 minutes to prepare and cook.
    15 minutes cleaning up…………………..Total: 2 Hours

Special Points to Note:

  • Equipment supplied: 4 Burner stove, work bench, sink and cleaning products.
  • Plates can be supplied by the school if specific shapes, colour or sizes are required. Various types of plates are also available to use from the Holmesglen kitchens.


  • All perishable foods must be transported in a chilled container (esky).
  • No pre-preparation allowed, except clean washed vegetables and fruit.
  • Marks are allocated for the preparation of food items, pre prepared items cannot exceed 10% of your dish. Pre-prepared items such as pastries, doughs, sauces, pasta are not to be used.
  • Basic stocks can be brought to competition.
  • Jus and sauces must be prepared during competition. 


A panel of Hospitality staff from Holmesglen Insitute will judge the merits of each school’s products. A criteria sheet will used to assess each school’s products and to provide feedback to students. The judges have the right to inspect, cut, open, test and taste all entries.


  1. Practice: Methods, techniques, level of difficulty 20%
  2. Preparation: Workflow, workplace org., finishing too early or late 25%
  3. Presentation: Working in a clean, safe manner. Personal hygiene 25%
  4. Taste: Clean, contemporary presentation. Tasting 30%

Total:               100%


An ACC banner will be presented to the winning team, along with individual pennants for the four team members. All competitors will receive a certificate of participation.



All competitors must comply with the following –

  • All participants are to wear their school uniform, along with appropriate attire for cookings.
  • Footwear – normal school shoes to be worn

Hair – covered, in hairnet, if necessary.