The competition shall be conducted under the rules specified by Basketball Victoria except where amended below:


1. Schools may have any number of players in their squad but they must declare their team of 10 players prior to each game. These must be entered on the score sheet before each game commences.


2.1 Colleges must make every effort to field seconds teams. If for any reason seconds teams cannot be fielded by a College, the Executive Officer and the opposing College must be notified at least 24 hours prior to the proposed fixture.

2.2 In order to allow maximum participation, firsts team shall play the initial game, followed by seconds. Players may only play in one game per day and therefore may not play in both firsts and and seconds matches


3. In the event of the referees being later than 15 minutes after the official starting time of the match, or having to be replaced, the two coaches shall confer in an attempt to reach mutual agreement as to who shall umpire the match. If no agreement can be arrived at, the game shall be abandoned and the matter shall be referred to the protests committee for a decision re awarding of points or the allotting of another date of play.


4.1 Games are to be two 20 minute halves. Half time is to be a two minute break.

4.2 Two time outs in first half and two time outs in second half for each team are permitted. The clock is to stop for one minute at a time out. (17/11/17)

4.3 The clock must stop each time the whistle is blown in the last three minutes of the game. (17/11/17)

4.4 In the event of a tie at full time, 3 minutes extra time is to be played. The clock will stop for all whistles during this period. In the event of a tie still remaining, a further 3 minutes will be played under the above conditions until a result is determined.

4.5 At Year 7 & 8 level, should a team achieve a leading points margin of 30 points or more, that team must revert to zone defence until the remainder of the game or until the lead has dropped below the 30 point leading margin.(21/6/05)


5. All matches shall be played on an indoor court. If the home side is unable to supply a court then it is the prerogative of the visiting side to provide the court. If neither side can provide a court, then the points shall be split evenly between the teams concerned.


6. Scoring is to be:

Win 4
*Forfeit/Bye 4
Loss 0


7.1 The home school is to provide two referees and a competent scorer/timekeeper for all year levels of competition.

7.2 The home team shall provide an approved basketball of the standard size 7 for Years 8, 9, 10 and Senior matches, and a size 6 basketball for Year 7 matches. (14/11/14)


8. Players shall wear correct basketball attire including numbered singlets.


9. If a player is sent off by the referee for a disqualifying foul, he may not take part in the rest of the game.