The Open Badminton Championship is open to any student from Year 12 and below to represent his college. The Intermediate Badminton Championship is open to any student from Year 9 & 10 to represent his college. The Junior Badminton Championship is open to any student from Year 7 & 8 to represent his college. It is expected that all participants will compete with the spirit that is compatible with the ACC ethos “Excellence, Honour and Fairness”.

Tournament Organisation & Rules

ACC Badminton is conducted under the rules of the Badminton Victoria.



Round Robin – There will be no finals matches, with the winning school determined by ladder ranking based on all rounds. A win or a bye is worth 4 points and a loss is worth 0 points. A tied result will see both teams allocated 2 points. Ladders positions are determined using match points as well as games won and points won. Following each round, all results sheets need to be submitted to the Event Manager so that the results can be updated. Progressive results can be viewed on the screen at the venue. Official results sheets will be provided for all schools at the venue.


Match Format

In all matches, 4 seeded singles games and 4 doubles games will be played (total of 12 players).  Singles and Doubles as one game to 21 points. If the score becomes 20-all, the player/s that gains a two-point lead first shall win the game. If the score becomes 29-all the player/s winning the next point shall win the game.

Schools must nominate their seeding for the singles games prior to the start of the event. This order must be maintained throughout the entire event. Any pairings may be used for the doubles games.

Teams must nominate their doubles pairings before the start of play in each match.  Pairings may be changed following the singles by mutual agreement of the two coaches involved.

Each match (comprising singles and doubles) is allocated a set time slot. At the end of each time slot a siren will sound and play must cease immediately. If all four singles and four doubles games are incomplete, then the results at that time are to be used as the final score. In an incomplete game, a team must be at least 2 points ahead to claim the game as a win.

The next time slot begins for the next round at the sound of the siren, so please move your players to the appropriate courts and get them started as soon as possible so that no time is wasted.

The scoring system used will be Rally Point, where points are scored from every serve. The nominated Home team (listed first) will elect to either serve or receive and also select the side of the court they will play on. There will be no change of ends during a game.


Match Order

Four singles matches, followed by four doubles matches.


Player Restrictions

A total of 12 players shall be used in any given match, 4 for singles and 8 for doubles. Each team also can bring up to 2 substitute players. For the singles games, each player is to be seeded from 1 through 14, and all players must compete with the same seed ranking during the entire competition. Players can be substituted between matches, but not during the course of a match. If a player is substituted for a singles game in a given match, then the same seeding order must be maintained using the players participating in that match. The highest ranked seed must always play in the first singles match, followed by the second highest ranked seed and so on.

Changing of seedings during competition will result in either forfeiture of the relevant games or forfeiture of the round or disqualification from the competition, at the Event Manager’s discretion.

Note:  players are restricted to one singles game OR one doubles game in each match. Players are not permitted to play singles and doubles in the same match.

Play must be continuous.  An ill or injured player unable to continue will forfeit their game.


Match Winner

Matches will be decided by games won.  If equal, then by points scored.  If still equal, points percentage will be used.  If still equal, a tied result will be declared and the match points shared equally.


Tournament Winner

The Champion team will be the team finishing in first place on the ladder. If, at the end of the round robin, two teams are equal on matches won, games won and points won, then joint champions will be declared.


Rules of Play

The rules for the tournament will be those of Badminton Victoria.



Each school is responsible for providing their own equipment (racquets, shuttlecocks etc). The team listed first in the fixture shall supply the shuttlecocks for that particular match. Shuttlecocks for the Junior and Intermediate Tournaments can be either plastic or feather. Shuttlecocks for the Open Tournament shall be feather only. Students need to take care of their belongings and make sure that their valuables are kept safe throughout the day.