Australian Rules Football

1. The Competition shall be conducted under the rules of the AFL, with the exception of Rule 8 -11.

2.1 For Years 9, 10 and Seniors, matches shall be of four twenty minute quarters with no time on.
For Years 7 and 8, matches shall be of four 15 minute quarters with no time on. Time on only to be added at the discretion of the central umpire in exceptional circumstances where there is an undue delay in play.
2.2 There shall be a break of not more than ten minutes at half time and five minute breaks for quarter-time and three-quarter time. (25/11/02)
3.1 Umpires for all year levels shall be appointed by the Executive Officer in conjunction with the nominated service provider. The service provider shall appoint umpires as per the ACC schedule and arrange umpire payments, with the Executive Officer invoicing the competing schools to cover the relevant costs. The service provider shall ensure that the appointed umpires have undergone an induction process and that they are compliant with the Victorian Government legislation for Child Safety.
3.3 Coaches are invited to complete a report on the umpires’ performance via the online feedback form.
4.1 The umpire(s) must deem the ground to be in a playable state before the game can proceed.
4.2 If the game is abandoned due to the condition of the ground, the match shall be deemed drawn.(18/11/11)
5.1 All senior division one coaches are strongly encouraged to complete a level one coaching certificate with AFL Victoria.
5.2 Coaches shall not be permitted on the field during play save in the case of a duty of care incident. Coaches’ runners are to be distinctly identifiable.
6. The final’s participants shall be decided on points and percentage.
7. The following points shall be awarded for each match:
Win 4
*Forfeit/Bye 4
Draw 2
Loss 0
*Teams scoring a forfeit win will receive a score line of 60 points to zero.
8.1       The Umpire shall have the power to send off any player for a non-reportable indiscretion. The umpire must show a YELLOW CARD, signalling that the player is to be sent off for 15 minutes of playing time. (6/6/08) If a player is sent off he CAN BE INTERCHANGED immediately. If a player is sent off he shall remain off the field for a period of 15 minutes playing time and MAY BE INTERCHANGED immediately.Upon the same player being sent off a second time in the same game, he shall be reported and shall remain off the field for the entire game and MUST NOT BE REPLACED.Timekeepers are responsible for estimating when the 15 minutes have elapsed.

8.2     For reportable indiscretions, the Umpire shall report the offending player who is to be sent off for the remainder of the game and MUST NOT BE REPLACED. The umpire must show a RED CARD, signalling that the player is reported and is not to be replaced. (6/6/08) In these instances the Umpire must complete the ACC Umpire Report form (see p 26) regarding the incident.The Umpire’s report must be forwarded to the appropriate Director of Sport who shall forward details of any such report to the Principal at the school of the player concerned and to the ACC Executive Officer.

8.3 Any player sent off in a football match is to report to his coach to have his name and number recorded.
9. The 50 metre rule, as interpreted under the rules of the AFL, is replaced by a 25 metre penalty.
10. The Field Umpire is empowered to overrule the Goal or Boundary Umpire in any obviously wrong decision in all official ACC Competitions.
11. A Player from the defending team may only kick the football back into play when the goal umpire has completed waving the flag to signal that a Behind has been scored. If a defending player kicks the football before this time, the field umpire shall direct the player to kick the football again.
Notes. As per AFL rules for ACC Football the following rules will apply:
i. For ruck contests at centre bounces a nominated ruckman must approach the ruck contest from the defensive side of the centre line.
ii. For a mark to be awarded a kick must travel at least 15 metres.


1. Each College shall see that players wear numbers. Numbers shall not be duplicated in a team. A copy of the team list is to be completed and given to the umpire and opposing coach prior to the start of the match.

2. Players shall wear correct shorts and socks as nominated by the Colleges.

3. Each College shall supply:

3.1 One boundary umpire correctly attired in white shorts, white shirt and bearing a whistle.

3.2 One goal umpire attired in a white coat and provided with a pair of flags and an ACC scorecard. He must be competent in his duties.

3.3 One timekeeper. Both timekeepers shall sit together, apart from spectators, and shall have sole charge of timing each quarter and estimating times under the “order off” rule. The home team shall be responsible for supplying the bell or other device used by the timekeepers to signal the end of each period of play.

3.4 A maximum of two runners, correctly attired in common distinctive colour (eg. yellow/green).

3.5 A maximum of 6 water boys correctly attired in common distinctive colour (eg orange).

4. The home team shall supply:

4.1 Two footballs for each match. Both shall be in good condition re shape, inflation etc. Seniors will use a new ball for each match.

4.2 The Years 9 & 10 and Seniors shall use a standard size ball; Years 7 & 8 shall use a school size ball (Size 4).

5. Stops on boots shall be according to regulation. Coaches shall insist on boots being correctly and safely studded. Umpires shall inspect boots prior to the start of a match.

6. The score cards used by each goal umpire will be checked with the central umpire at the end of each of the four quarters and handed to the home Coach at the end of the match.

7. The timekeepers will keep a separate record of the scores each, as an added check, particularly in the eventuality of a drawn game.

8. The interchange system allows for a maximum of 24 players for Seniors, Year 10 & Year 9 competitions, whilst at Year 7 & 8 team numbers are unlimited provided that only eighteen players are on the field at any one time. The names of all players are to be recorded on a team sheet before the match to notify the opposing coach of the number of players to be used. (28/8/09)

9. In the event of a tied result in finals, an extra five minutes is to be played each end. Coaches may address their teams for a maximum of five minutes after the fourth quarter, but not after the first period of extra time. If still a tie at the end of extra time play is to be stopped, the score checked, and if there is still no result the game is to be restarted, without a change of ends and played until the first score determines the winner. (25/11/02)

10. Modified rules will be in place for Year 7 Division 2 and Year 8 Division 3 competitions. The winning margin is limited to 60 points. Once the match is completed, the losing team’s score will stand, but the winning team’s score will be no more than 60 points above that amount. For example, if one school has a final score of 6.1.37 and their opposition has a final score of 20.5.125 points, then the result will be recorded as 6.1.37 to 16.1.97. Both coaches will need to agree on the reduced score before signing both score sheets.